Terminal of Alicante-Elche Airport (ALC)

The former Terminal 1 had 38 check-in desks and 11 gates with 5 air bridges. Baggage claim carousels 1-9 were available for the passenger as well. Notably, there are plans for a construction of the hall that will connect the new Terminal NAT and the Terminal 1, that would have increased the capacity of the airport even more.

The former Terminal 2 had 14 check-in desks and 6 gates with no air bridges. That terminal was built as an addition to the Terminal 1. Opened in 2007, it was the smaller of the two terminals. Currently, Terminal 2 is handling General Aviation which is all civil operations for remuneration and hire mainly. The terminal is planned to become an outside headquarters of the British low-cost airline Jet2.

The overall size of the terminal is approximately 333.500 square meters with the 96 check-in desks, and 26 gates with 15 air bridges and 16 baggage carousels. Gates available are divided into two parts: Gates B and Gates C. Gates B include gates B21- B23, B25- B27, and B29-B35. Gates C include gates C37- C43, and C45- C50. 

The terminal is divided into two parts: the one with the C Gates for both non-Schengen and Schengen flights and the dock where the majority of B Gates are located, those serve non-Schengen flights only. The terminal manages both domestic and international flights, therefore, the traffic has exceeded around 13. 7 million passengers per year. Notably, the airport of Alicante is ranked as the fifth busiest one in Spain.

The NAT Terminal has four separate levels: P-2, P0, P2, and P3.

The Level P-2 is the place where ground transportation (bus, taxi, shuttles) stations, meeting points for disabled passengers are located. Among services available on that floor there are food and vending machines, Wi-Fi connection, tour operators’ offices.

The Level P0 is the place where ground transportation access, meeting points for passengers with reduced mobility, police station (Guardia Civil), and car rental offices are located. Among services available on that floor there are baggage claim area, pharmacy, lost and found office, multipurpose room, currency exchange desks, medical center, lost luggage office, tourist information desk, 6 defibrillators, waiting area, food and drink concessions, press, and tobacconist shop, PRM meeting point, and taxi stands that are located outside .

The Level P2 is the place where all departures take place, as well as check-in desks, and automatic check-in Iberia machines. Among services available on that floor there are Aena information desk, ATMs, currency exchange points, children's playing ground, pharmacy, food and drink concessions, taxi office, baggage wrapping stand, three PRM meeting points, 7 defibrillators, shops, and press. The level provides direct access to gates B21-35 and C37-50.

The Level P3 is the place where VIP Lounge area, meeting/ conference area, multipurpose room are located.