Departures of Alicante-Elche Airport (ALC)

The Alicante - Elche Airport currently operates through the only "Nueva Área Terminal" (NAT). Terminal 1 and 2 were closed since the opening of the new terminal.

The new terminal was constructed on 23 March 2011 to the east of the Terminal 1. Terminal NAT has four levels: P-2, P0, P2 and P3 and approximately 26 boarding gates.

The Check-In Counters are located on the floor P2 (2nd floor) of the terminal at the departures area. The one may look up the airline terminal and the check-in desks on the information screens.  The hand luggage is checked on the availability of dangerous for other people's health items and those affecting the security of the aircraft into the particular area or the cabin of the aircraft. Additionally, items that project fire, that are targeted to immobilize, blunt objects, objects with the sharp edge, explosive substances and devices, liquids, aerosols and gels (LAG) are prohibited to carry into the airplane as well.

The one shall arrive at the departures are 3 hours in advance for the scheduled non-Schengen flights and 2 hours in advance for the scheduled Schengen flights in order to avoid any possible issues.

Next, to the check-in desks, the one may find 6 self-check-in machines that allow to check in and print out the boarding pass of the Iberia airline without anyone's assistance.

Some airlines allow its passengers to use the online check-in online and go directly to the security checkpoints if the one travels with the carry-on luggage only.

Mobile online check-in allows passengers to get the boarding pass to their electronic device over the email or SMS.

The next stage will be the Security Checkpoint where the one shall undergo the x-ray inspection for the availability of the restricted items. Before going to the security area the one shall provide the boarding pass. However, the Fast Lane option is available for those that do not want to spend the time in a queue. The Fast Lane is valid for 7 days from the purchase of the pass. Holders of club cards, those paying for the service via the app or airport website are able to acquire the service. The price for the service is €4 per adult and free of charge for children under 2.

Those flying to the non-Schengen destinations might go through the documents/ passport control. Together with the passport, the one may be required to provide the National ID number, vaccination certificate, and visa.

The boarding gates are located on the 2nd floor of the terminal. As the airport does not make PA system announcements to inform about the changes in gates or time of the flight, it is advised to pay attention to the information screens. The boarding area offers a wide range of shops with the duty-free store, accessories, cafes, restaurants, bar and VIP lounge areas. The entire area is equipped with the information screens so that the one will not miss out the flights.